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Pune, Maharashtra Apr 7, 2024 ( - People love to watch and read thriller stories packed with action and suspense. Little yet intriguing elements like these keep people interested until the end. While coming across such stories people might have heard about some 'Detectives'. These are unsung heroes behind the satisfactory conclusion of such stories. James Bond and Sherlock Holmes are the most famous fictional detectives in the investigation world. However, private investigations or detectives are not limited to just a fictional world, they have very real work, leading investigations and catching crimes in the real world. One such hero is Priya Kakade, otherwise known as Maharashtras female Sherlock Holmes, who started her career as an amateur before achieving recognition, trust, and credibility for her efforts.

Swift detective investigator is a trusted partner in the world of private investigations. The bold and skilled detective with experience spanning 20 years, has dedicated her life to solving mysteries through her prestigious agency, Swift Detective Agency. Based in the bustling city of Pune, the company extends its unwavering commitment to providing professional investigative services. Priyas journey into the world of investigation began at the age of 16 when she first noticed her curiosity to know about the happenings around her. She said As its a basic tendency of a woman to investigate about other's life and their dynamics, I just made it my profession.

She also shared a fascinating story from her early years in which she assisted her family in locating the 1000 rupees that had gone missing after being taken by a young girl in their neighborhood. Priya manipulates the girl into confessing on tape, in which she confesses to stealing the money. This is when Priya's parents witnessed her intelligence for the first time and were amazed. Despite facing a lack of support from her family after conveying her resolution, Priya's obstinacy led her to transcend states in the incessant pursuit of her dreams fearlessly. After completing her 10th education, she took rigorous training under the mentorship of the detective. Her training equipped her with diverse modes of apprentice, including manipulation tactics, disguise techniques, and even weapon handling. Her work demands serious commitment and time that even 24 hrs are insufficient, leaving her restless and alert at the same time. Over the years, she has shaped her skills and expertise, becoming a reputed name in this field.

Now Priya successfully handles cases like divorce, extramarital affairs, private investigations, financial fraud cases, and cheat cases. She provides comprehensive insights for informed decisions and resolutions, ensuring thorough monitoring, strategic intelligence gathering, and reliable intelligence gathering. The number of cases does not just measure Priyas success as a Detective, she solves but also by the impact she has on our community. With more than a thousand cases under her belt, Priya embodies the power of dedication and strength in prevailing over obstacles making a difference in the world. Her story is an inspiration for aspiring Detectives and women, proving that with passion and perseverance, nothing is impossible. Get more details at:

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